Rich Jones, State Farm Agent

See the plain wall in reception turn into a mighty maple tree worthy of the business' reputation:


The blank canvas.

First Design.

Final digital design.


Ruly mocking up the wall on the shop floor... we could accurately lay the panel out later.

Panels were made from another project that Fluffy was sending to recycling (we're big fans of material re-use!).

We developed a way to make color-matching panels that didn't have to match exactly. This technique was expanded later for whisper signs.

As panels were colorized, they were laid in trial locations around the wall-on-the-floor.

Trial leaf-cuts were added to test for any changes that needed to happen to the panel design.

Final locations were checked against images of the wall design.

Panels marked on the back and put in a rack for later leaf application.

Image of the whole tree from the original design.

Separated into cut squares by the location and size of the pre-marked panels.

Leaf cuts were run on the vinyl cutter and weeded into their application pieces.

Leaf cut placed on panel and awaiting removal of transfer media.

Completed panels go into place as they arrive from the shop.

With tweaks here and there...

...and the short-term addition of the business logo.

Back to rack!

Planning the building of groups of panels for the in-place installation.

Panels assembled into the groups.

Sorting out who goes on the wall first.

Logo panels get ceiling hangers mounted on them so they can sit away from the wall.

Finished Product

Want to see it in person?

Rich and company would love to see you!