Delicate Decadence, Barre's Hometown Bakery

Follow the 3-year process of bringing the town into Barre's Hometown Bakery:


It started in 2017, when owner Tim Bolton fell in love with what we did for Rich Jones.

Tim and Ruly chatted, notes were taken, and ideas floated among members.

Several materials and treatments were tested and experimented with.

Ideas and designs were researched.

And in 2018, a basic look was developed and built.

In the mean time, Tim began searching for a new home for his bakery...

By early 2020, Delicate Decadence was moving into its new space on the first floor in the old Blanchard Block.

Barre's Hometown Bakery was ready to invite the town into its home.


Digging through pages of 1930's European designs latter...

...we culled the list of possible in-bakery people-symbols down to 98.

Tim chose his favorites to put up as full-size paper models, including this one to honor his older daughter and budding-artist Sophia.

We delivered the full-sized models and tested them around the bakery to see how everyone like both the images and were there were.

Tim chose this school girl to represent his youngest daughter, Julia.

We tested placements for Julia's image...

...and decided to place her on the ramp, as well as show her walker in her image.


After about a week of looking and thinking, images went to their final places and were marked for painting.

Application was straight forward, but also occurred while the business was open to patrons, so copious use of "wet paint" signs was employed.

Clockwise from left: the nurse, Julia, and Sophia.

Shopper on left and wedding couple on the right.

Finished Product

Shopper in the front window facing Main Street, looking out onto the park.

The nurse figure, opposite the ordering and checkout area.

The wedding couple, opposite from the shopper, also visible from Main Street, and right next to the front door.

Julia (with walker addition) on ramp at the entrance facing Merchant's Row.

Sophia at the entrance to the in-house art gallery, also near the Merchant's Row entrance.

Want to see it in person?

Tim and company would love to see you!