Innuendo Headboard

Making the less-than-traditional a familiar friend by utilizing an old exterior sign as the focal piece on a headboard.

1. Client requested a less-than-traditional headboard.

Some head-scratching and a tour of the shop later, we had landed on our centerpiece. Much discussion revolved around whether to go with “Quality Products” or “Friendly Service”.

2. Sketching in 3D...

...with the materials on hand in the shop, getting a sense of scale and how to best use the focus sign.

3. Measure twice, cut once

Making sure the dimensions of the new headboard matched the existing mattress set-up and that the height was appropriate for the client’s needs.

4. Start of Assembly

5. Old into new

Supporting the back of the sign within the stack of boards.

6. Nearly complete

Just needs the trim around the sign to be air-nailed into place.

7. Waiting for client approval

8. Approved!

Packing for the trip to its forever home.

9. Dropping into place

Pooks and 'Ruly for the install: Innuendo Headboard gets lined up with existing bed frame.

10. Done!

And no job would be complete without phone images and a cat supervisor.