Not The Sign Shop

We are to sign shops what magenta is to green.

Quick COVID-related update:

We were in the process of budding our performing-arts leg (NotTheTD) off into its own business when COVID-19 hit. At that time, performance venues rolled up their sidewalks and the close-quarters of theaters and audience seating became forbidden spaces, essentially shuttering some of the places where we practice our arts.
We elected to contract the expansion before it really got underway, so throughout the site you will see posts that refer to both NotTheSignShop and NotTheTD. We are sheltering in place here, under NotTheSignShop. Welcome!

Not The Sign Shop is a maker studio.

Words don't do an adequate job of explaining just what it is we do, so we encourage you to have a look around.

We Make This:

See some of our builds and projects.

Many of our smaller objects and products can be found in our blog.

We do this for clients as diverse as:

    • Delicate Decadence Bakery
    • Norwich University
    • Lost Nation Theater
    • Rich Jones, State Farm
    • Montpelier Chamber Orchestra
    • Barre Opera House
    • City of Montpelier
    • City Hall Auditorium Arts Center
    • A wide variety of other satisfied businesses and individuals, both on our Etsy site and IRL
    • You!