Around the Shop

NotTheSignShop is a small studio with much more work-space than public-space. We're not set up for drop-ins, but we'd love to show you around.

Main Floor: Laying Out a Wall on the Floor
Mocking up a location to size and prep sections for a quick and clean install later.

Design Studio: Laying Out Adapted Cupboard Design
Elements for this cupboard door piece were laid out by hand in the studio (rather than digitally) to accommodate the space constraints.

Main Floor: The Chicken King
Initially conceived as the topper for a food truck, our shop mascot is an on-going project from one of our member-designers.

Main Floor: Randomized Background Goes On Panels
Adhesive vinyl in a variety of finishes is installed on corrugated aluminum panels to create a background for a final design.

Main Floor: Assembling Barre Opera House Banner
Installing the lettering on the banner that hangs off of the front of Barre City Hall.

Main Floor: Rolling Ghost Light in Process
Finishing up with the electrics on a dance theater prop.

Design Studio: Circular Gallifreyan from the fictional universe of Doctor Who.
This one image sums up the work of our vinyl cutter and weeders.

Questions? Shoot a mail over to our google account (NotTheSignShop at gmail), or text 802-433-3NOT (3668).