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NotTheSignShop Maker Studio | Middlesex, Vermont

We are Not. Not The Sign Shop.

We are a Vermont-based Maker studio pursuing novel applications of technologies and materials, exploring connections between traditionally separate domains and ways of working, and building the unconventional in an improvisational style.

Happily at the intersection of CUSTOM DESIGN, NON-TRADITIONAL SIGNMAKING, and the EXPERIMENTAL, we partner with our clients to help the space around them convey who they are quickly, effectively, and with lasting results.

NotTheSignShop is a loose collaboration among several artists. To grant the artistic freedom and ability-to-experiment that anonymity provides, regular members receive an artist tag. Currently on the site are the works of Unruly-e, Pooks, and Fluffy.

Our IRL shop is on a dirt road just north of Tangletown, in Middlesex, Vermont and open by appointment.

Our smaller items (read: "shippable-sized stuff") are offered for sale in our Etsy Storefront. This is the place to find things like our famous Well Water Signs, cut-t…

Around the Shop

NotTheSignShop is a small studio with much more work-space than public-space. We're not set up for drop-ins, but we'd love to show you around.

Main Floor: Laying Out a Wall on the Floor
Mocking up a location to size and prep sections for a quick and clean install later.

Design Studio: Laying Out Adapted Cupboard Design
Elements for this cupboard door piece were laid out by hand in the studio (rather than digitally) to accommodate the space constraints.

Main Floor: The Chicken King
Initially conceived as the topper for a food truck, our shop mascot is an on-going project from one of our member-designers.

Main Floor: Randomized Background Goes On Panels
Adhesive vinyl in a variety of finishes is installed on corrugated aluminum panels to create a background for a final design.

Main Floor: Assembling Barre Opera House Banner
Installing the lettering on the banner that hangs off of the front of Barre City Hall.

Main Floor: Rolling Ghost Light in Process
Finishing up with the electrics on a dance theater prop.

Design Studio: Circular Gallifreyan from the fictional universe of Doctor Who.
This one image sums up the work of our vinyl cutter and weeders.

Questions? Comments?

Send us a message (your info is safe with us):




Or you can stick with the traditional and call or text 802-433-3NOT (3668).
We won't mind.