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NotTheSignShop Maker Studio | Middlesex, Vermont

We are Not. Not The Sign Shop.

We are a Vermont-based Maker studio pursuing novel applications of technologies and materials, exploring connections between traditionally separate domains and ways of working, and building the unconventional in an improvisational style.

Happily at the intersection of CUSTOM DESIGN, NON-TRADITIONAL SIGNMAKING, and the EXPERIMENTAL, we partner with our clients to help the space around them convey who they are quickly, effectively, and with lasting results.

NotTheSignShop is a loose collaboration among several artists. To grant the artistic freedom and ability-to-experiment that anonymity provides, regular members receive an artist tag. Currently on the site are the works of Unruly-e, Pooks, and Fluffy.

Our IRL shop is on a dirt road just north of Tangletown, in Middlesex, Vermont and open by appointment.

Our smaller items (read: "shippable-sized stuff") are offered for sale in our Etsy Storefront. This is the place to find things like our famous Well Water Signs, cut-t…

Tug the Trug Thug

Yeah, my head hurts after sorting that out too.

This is another one of our Adapt Found Objects projects.

We had a request for trugs (a Northern New England term for a big, garden-use container) to put to work around the yard the woodpile.

We took a re-homed, food-grade plastic barrel and cut it in half:

We then added carry handles by cutting two holes per handle and bridging them (see top image for shots in-process).

The top half of the barrel already had loading holes, so we adapted them as drain holes and put that trug to work outside, where it could catch-and-release any rain that wandered its way.

Leaving it in place makes a handy catch-all for bark:

When it fills, the bark can easily be carried under cover: