Overcoming technology's attempt at hyper-local knowledge

There's a little town in the midwest that refuses to bow to the will of a federal agency.

This town insists on keeping their 911-centric addresses. The post office says notsomuch.

In the past, not that big of a deal; locals know where to go and to heck with everyone else.

In the age of buying (and more importantly, shipping) via the internet, it becomes a headache for buyers, shippers, and sellers. Websites insist on USPS addresses and long-time delivery drivers only know the 911 system.

Exacerbating the issue is on-line maps like Google or Apple. They get their hyper-local information by trawling web ads and listings [an aside, there was a recent, interesting article in the NYT discussing this very issue].

What's a human to do? As Fraulein Schneider sang in Cabaret, "Who cares? So what?" The client ordered mailbox signs with both addresses on them:

And in place: