Makers and Technical Theater

In their heart-of-hearts, most Makers are really technical theater directors. They make things happen with odd materials in strange spaces with an ever-evolving cast of characters.

This is why we're excited to be returning to our roots in tech theater. Under the leadership of English professor Jeff Casey, we'll be taking on parts of a technical theater class at Norwich University starting in September.

Our focus will be on the practical side of tech direction, from how to get familiar with the space, to safely working with tools and materials, to how the budgeting process can fuel the creative process (remember Doctor Who in the 70s? Alien costumes made of bubble wrap and space ships out of dryer ducts?).

This is a new space for the university and a new class for Jeff, so we'll be doing a lot of experimenting along the way. But that's what Makers do - try, adapt, repeat.