Flat/plat hybrid to part a sea of junk on the cheap

Today's mission: help a town find more storage space in their already-overcrowded former-warming-hut. The caveat (because there's always a caveat): do it on the super cheap, while making a safe space.

Half of this project was dictated by cost - what materials were on hand and what could be salvaged for little money. In this case, we had much more 2x than 1x and much more masonite and lauan than heavier duty plywood. Half-walls were constructed in the form of theater flats, but with 2x in place of the usual 1x. This set-up has the advantage of being traditionally wall-like for durability, plus it is modular for rearranging as needs change.

The initial install consists of two walled-off pens, as well as a surround for the derelict woodstove.