Wrapping up Maker-style Woodzilla Wind Shields

In the winter, you just don't want snow blowing all over the wood shed, and temporary screening - usually with tarps - is the standard order-of-the-Vermont-day.

Here we've taken a step (or two) off the well-beaten path and, in true maker-style, re-purposed old sign pieces to make a wind block. This one is cut vinyl over a pre-owned "Open House" cheap-banner-material sign. We're curious to see how well the plastic fares when the cold and wind team up this winter.

* So, what's the story with "Woodzilla"? A couple of years ago, the owners moved from a semi-dependable pile of wood and tarps to a full-on, honest-to-goodness shed for storing their firewood. The huge leap up in size and quality led to the off-handed christening of the building and it stuck. Who were we not to incorporate this idea into the wind-breaks?