This never happens: it started simple and ended simple

Seriously. When was the last time that worked out? We're here to tell the tale.

Goal: make a way to hold a pin (push, safety. or otherwise) for an extended period of time in an easy-to-use poking position. The caveat - be able to swap out the pin when it inevitably gets dull.

We decided to go with a thimble to hold the pin on the end of a finger, a map pin to tuck into the base of the thimble (pointy end out of course), and a new-to-us product called InstaMorph (IM).

We drilled a hole in the business end of the thimble and set it in place to receive the IM once the plastic was heated and pliable.

The heat gun would, being a heat gun, blow the IM pellets around unless it was shielded. A simple make later (accompanied by thoughts relating to drug paraphernalia), and we had a heat-transferring, breeze-blocking tool-for-melting.

The warm IM was gathered into a ball and worked around the pin into the base of the thimble.

A little bit of cooling later and Huzzah! A bubble-deflating, non-hand-cramping super tool with a replaceable pin - just reheat the IM and tug it back out. Love it when a plan comes together.