Makers gonna make

Experimenting with materials in kinetic sculptures led us to a serendipitous discovery for the garden.

Long, thin scraps of shop materials (think off-cut strips of aluminum), dangled from thin wire and hung in the wind, create an unusual spinning and bouncing motion. This movement makes for a pleasant visual display for humans, but notsomuch for birds (who are understandably cautious).

Enter blueberry season, and the oft-fought battle for the little blue treasures. Out of curiosity, we hung several strips of the magic, motion material off of mason's line, itself strung over the plants in a triangular grid. We added a few small, dense off-cuts (usually with hardware) at ground level to get the attention of any ground-based interlopers.

The result so far has been fantastic - birds are kept at bay and the less-dense-that-netting hanging arrangements make for easily accessible berries.

Drop us a line if you'd like a set of scraps for your own garden.