Welcoming Wall - 2. Build

The client was thrilled with adaptation so we began to mock up his wall on the floor of our shop.
The details present in the hands-on style of layout help us make sure that we are not overlooking anything like trim or door swings.

Once the wall mock-up was in place, we started making the panel blanks. These were white corrugated aluminum surfaces fitted with a textured mix of red-ish vinyl undercolors. This move allowed us to avoid having to make an exact match with the pre-existing wall.

No day in the shop is complete without a visit from one of the neighborhood cats.

Once the panels were colored, they were collected up and sorted for initial lay-out.
Existing colored panels were mixed with as-yet-uncolored pieces to fill the space with a good balance of negative and positive.

Once in their final spot, the panels were tagged (blue post-its).
The tagged panels were recorded for size and location.
Size and location data were brought together to make cut sheets. The sheets contained the images to be rendered in vinyl.
Laying the cut vinyl on top of the pre-colored panels, one at a time.
The final panels were filed for layout as each one was completed.
The tree-covered panels start their journey toward a finished product, each placed with the appropriate over-lay.
Most of the grouping assembly competed and ready to be joined for moving.
Groupings determined by size of final grouping and the locations available to hang each group.
The non-tree, free-hanging State Farm logo is fitted with hang brackets and set aside for final prep.