Welcoming Wall - 1. Design

Goal: highlight existing feature (the red wall in the center of the office space) and excite clients while helping them feel comfortable with strong and familiar elements.

After a chat with Rich about his business, his clients, and his goals for the project, we chose a maple tree to stand proudly and familiarly as the focus.

The initial concept for the tree revolved around application of the image directly to the wall via exhibition adhesive vinyl. Rough digital sketches were made to test the look and the client's feeling for it.

The design was further tweaked, removing the descriptive text and yielding a clean, straight-forward impression.

With an approved concept in hand, we did some initial testing on the wall and discovered - as is sometimes the case with older spaces - it wasn't going to hold the design. After some research, we found a reasonable solution that could be mounted without depending on the underlying paint - corrugated aluminum panels.

A test set of panels was built and taken to the site to see how they looked and how the client felt about the adaptation.