Interior Development for Bakery

After visiting our Maple Tree Welcoming Wall at Rich Jones' State Farm office, Tim Bolton at Delicate Decadence Bakery in Barre sent us an excited email looking for a personalized installation for his new space.

Tim and 'Ruly met at Tim's current space and discussed his perceptions and goals for the bakery.

We did some research into the things he was looking to present to customers, including the feeling of grandma's house and a giving a sense of Belgium and surrounds.

We were able to combine a feeling of family and community along with a hint of north central Europe through 1930's era iconographs.

While getting set for the move to the new space, a wrinkle developed to put the time table back a bit. To cheer Tim up, we used the first of the digital sketches of the new DD family to create a sign for his current space.

The timing of our visit was perfect! The client loved the sign and he has proudly put in up in the current space.

Our goal is to build something unique to DD, conveying the desired feelings of old, familiar, and Europe. Wood is the natural choice to start with, and we wanted to find out how it would combine with other elements we may want to use. And don't worry, Tim, we haven't changed up the color scheme - the pink is just a test strip!

Stay tuned as this project progresses.