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NotTheSignShop | Maker | Studio | Middlesex, Vermont

We are Not. NotTheSignShop.

We are a Vermont-based Maker studio pursuing novel applications of technologies and materials, exploring connections between traditionally separate domains and ways of working, and building the unconventional in an improvisational style.

Happily at the intersection of CUSTOM DESIGN, NON-TRADITIONAL SIGNMAKING, and the EXPERIMENTAL, we partner with our clients to help the space around them convey who they are quickly, effectively, and with lasting results.

NotTheSignShop is a loose collaboration among several artists. To grant the artistic freedom and ability-to-experiment that anonymity provides, regular members receive an artist tag. Currently on the site are the works of Unruly-e, Pooks, and Fluffy.

Our shop is on a dirt road just north of Tangletown, in Middlesex, Vermont and open by appointment:

Middlesex, Vermont

Want to know more?  The easiest way to get hold of us is this handy-dandy form. If you're not a form-filling kind of person, text or call. We won…

Watch Me Soar Graphic - 2. Build and Install

Expectant parents and avid science fiction fans sought assistance for custom ways to bring geek culture to their little one, in this case a wall quote from Firefly: "I am a leaf on the wind. Watch me soar."

Once colors were chosen, we cut a variety of samples in finishes from glossy to matte to metallic. The samples were tested in place to get a sense of readability. Vinyl coating finishes play a big roll in interior readability and we like the client to spend some time with them to make sure they've made the choice that will work best for them.

 A matte black exhibition cal was selected, and the design was cut.

 Once weeding was complete, transfer tape was applied, and sheets were prepped for packing.

With the main text applied, the leaf motion traces were positioned.

 Once the location was finalized, backing was removed and vinyl laid into place with transfer tape.

 Application completed!

At home in the nursery.